Our Story

 Hi, I'm Kim Melbourne the founder & designer behind Jenka Clothing Co. I'm a working mom with two young children who was tired of searching for leggings I could live my busy life in and not feel guilty for buying. A long rant to my husband turned into an equally long journey into making my own. 

Jenka officially launched in May 2021. I am so proud of myself and this incredible community we are building here at Jenka.


Where does Jenka come from?
Urszula Jenka is the name of my paternal grandmother. Urszula was born in Poland in 1942. Urszula lived a happy childhood until the age of 7 when both Germany and Russia invaded Poland. Urszula's parents were both killed in a firing squad and her and her older brother were placed into separate Prisoner of War camps located in Germany. Urszula was able to flee Germany and move to London England at age 17. It was there she met my grandfather Lawrence. The pair got married, relocated to Canada and had a son (my dad). Urszula assumed the role like most women at that time, of mother, wife and homekeeper. Tragically Urszula developed ovarian cancer which she battled for many years, until it took her life at the young age of 52. I was born 5 years later and so never got the opportunity to meet this amazing women. 


I feel honored to use her name and life as inspiration for my Brand. I know she would think it is amazing that a young women(her granddaughter) would be able to raise children, work a 9-5 and start her own company. I feel lucky that women like my grandmother paved the way for women like me.