Podcast episode 1- Krissy Rains

Podcast episode 1- Krissy Rains

Meet Krissy Rains

Mom, Wife, Youth Correctional Officer, IFBB Pro-Card holder and total badass.

Krissy and I discussed all things from motherhood and friendship to fitness and masturbation.

Krissy and I went to college together 10 years ago  and although we haven't seen each other since then sitting down and having a chat with her felt like not much has changed. In reality though, most things have changed. Krissy is now the mother of two and bonus mom to one. You can see the light in her eyes as she talks about becoming a mom and all things motherhood. It is apparent to me that Krissy is the type of of person who can find the positives in any situation. She talks about her C-section scar with Pride and refers to it as a reminder of her beautiful children not of what her body looked like before kids.

IFBB-pro card, bodybuilding, women who lift weights
Krissy is an absolute beast in the world of fitness. She is an IFBB pro-card holder which if I'm being honest I still don't fully understand so I'll go with what I've been saying for years "I know a National Bodybuilding Champion. We touched on working out after babies but it is quite clear to me that her mentality and approach to fitness has changed. She works out because she loves it not because she wants the perfect body but because it allows her to be the best version of herself.

    Choosing Krissy to be the first woman I interviewed for my vlog was an easy decision. She is kind, thoughtful, she challenges herself and inspired the women around her by being her authentic self.

    I feel lucky to know her and proud to call her my friend. Checkout our full conversation on the link below. I really put the Zoom in Zoom Call amirite?



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